From the moment they are born, babies are taking in things around them to make sense of their world. The first few years are an incredible time of growth in all areas of development as they play and interact with the people who love and care for them. As a caregiver we need to help our children build strong foundations for physical, cognitive, language and social emotional skills. We are aware this can at times feel like an overwhelming responsibility! And so these resources were developed to empower you to understand your children and help them learn about their world and engage with it.

When using these resources remember that, whether you are a parent, caregiver or professional, relationship is key to development. It is in their daily interactions with a loving and consistent caregiver that children receive the most valuable input. So take time to be with your children, to learn how they communicate so you can respond to their needs. Join in their play activities and use daily routines as opportunities for playful interactions. Watch in wonder as they discover - this shows them that what they are doing is important and gives them the security and confidence they need to explore and learn from the world around them.

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