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Financial support is pivotal for the sustainability of Thusanani Children’s Foundation.

Our staff compliment is made up of a multidisciplinary team including Occupational Therapists; Speech and Language Therapists; and Physiotherapists. In order to attract the best people for these positions, salaries are a priority.

The clinical roles include provision of training courses; provision of the adoption assessments and therapy; hands on therapy; and on site training in the homes to caregivers. Other roles carried out by the team include management and administration,; fundraising; strategic planning; clinical supervision; collection and distribution of donated clothing and educational toys.

The more funding we secure, the more professionals and support staff we can employ. Ideally we would like to expand our service to other provinces in South Africa and in turn expand the number of children whose lives can be changed.

Please see documents under our Governance section including our Constitution; PBO Certificate and NPO Certificate


Bank Details

The banking details of the Thusanani Children’s Foundation are:

Bank: Nedbank
Name of Account: The Thusanani Childrens Foundation
Branch: Melrose Arch
Branch code: 196-605
Account number: 1966 466226
SWIFT address: NEDSZAJJ (for deposits from offshore donors)


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