Pre-adoption Support Service

The TCF Pediatrician and our team of occupational and speech therapists provide assessments and reports to support the permanent placement of babies and young children. This may be through adoption, foster care or a return to their own or extended family.

For a child to be adopted in South Africa a medical assessment is required. For children at risk or whose development is not following age appropriate expectations an occupational therapy assessment is required too. Our pre- Adoption support therefore includes a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to the assessment and report writing requirements by adoption laws in South Africa and Internationally.

Children are seen for a thorough medical assessment and the required blood tests are conducted. If there are concerns regarding development the child is referred to the therapy team by the Paediatrician. Many of the babies seen at the clinic are premature and therefore at risk for developmental delay and possible neurological impairment.

Should there be any concerns around a child’s development they will be seen for an occupational and /or speech assessment by our therapists. Should therapy input be indicated, the child will receive therapy at our centre to meet the specific goals as outlined in their unique intervention plan.

Professional and comprehensive medical and developmental reports are provided to the social workers for the legal process of permanent placement for these children.

The close working relationship that exits between Our team, independent children’s home staff and child protection social workers allow us to operate with the best interests of the children in mind.