Therapy Program

The Therapy Program consists of two practices: a Therapy Clinic and the Home Visiting Project


Therapy Clinic

We aim to maximise the potential of each child we work with through the provision of speech and occupational therapy to children with delays or a disability. The impact of poor cognitive development in the first 1000 days is well documented. Through occupational therapy, speech therapy and care-giver education on child development, we ensure improved outcomes in learning and overall development.

We offer free occupational therapy and speech therapy to all children with an identified delay or disability, who live in children’s homes. Many orphaned and vulnerable children are placed in safe care at various independent children’s homes, sometimes due to social and economic circumstances. In most cases these children remain in children’s homes until age 18 years.   Our early identification and intervention approach means they will have opportunities to learn and develop through those first 1000 days. This has a lasting effect once the demands increase by school going age.


Home Visiting Project

Visits to the homes to work with a child in their own environment are conducted to meet two specific objectives.

  • Early identification of developmental delay. Babies and children are screened by the therapists with the consent of the home manager. Care givers are key role players in identifying children who present with atypical development. The earlier delay is identified, the earlier we are able to intervene with developmental therapy.
  • Provide care givers with guidance and practical application of skills to manage children with disabilities. This guidance is focussed more on caregiver’s learning how to handle a disabled child during activities of daily living.


Our expert therapy includes:

  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Sensory integration therapy
  • …All with a floortime approach